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HookedOnMedia have nurtured over 40 years of experience in digital marketing campaigns for businesses across the UK and Europe, across a diversity of industries.

We are experts in our field

Seo Ppc Experts Uk
Seo Agency Uk
Seo Agency Uk

We partner with companies to achieve long-term business plans.

We invest in you

Whether that’s global prominence for corporate enterprises or local growth for new business ventures, we take the time to understand business plans and provide the solution.

Google Partner
Uk Digital Growth Awards 2023 Finalist
Seo Specialists Uk
Seo Agency Uk
Seo Agency Uk

Expert digital marketing services…

Top Seo Companies In The Uk

To boost your business

SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process of enhancing a website to improve its rankings within the search engines. There are many factors to SEO, it’s a science but our skills and experience could be classed as an art. Making sure each key component is working correctly to ensure you are a step ahead of your competition.

Although our local SEO campaigns can be a standalone service, if you have the budget and desire to grow your business, we recommend they form just a part of your larger digital marketing strategy. Virtually all online businesses serve local custom, whether it’s to provide a service, product or advice. So don’t miss out, HookedOnMedia will create a professional business profile so you are found, effectively and quickly.

When you run a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign, you can quickly see and measure performance. In our experience, all businesses can benefit from a PPC advertising campaign. However, what type of PPC campaign is more effective and how its setup will vary depending on the industry and business in particular. Our expertise will enable you to rapidly deploy an effective campaign.

Whether you are looking to drive direct sales and enquiries, or reach a new audience or support a brand awareness campaign, HookedOnMedia has the knowledge, experience, technical know-how and creativity to drive results. We create targeted ads’ on leading social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Our team can provide traditional email marketing, but our speciality is more strategic, and our focus is targeted to increasing your conversion rate. We can convert people who have recently visited your website or social media platforms, with the aim to re-engage with users who have already expressed an interest in your service or product but originally did not proceed with an enquiry or sale.

Our team of content writers are extremely creative and can research any topic and create webpage content or specific news/blog content covering many subjects and interests. This includes writing full website copy, or monthly blog content. Plus, content for paid ads and email nurturing. Always unique, relevant, readable, structured, of good length, internally linked and saturated with keyword similarities.

Analytics, conversion analysis, and our proprietary monthly reports are essential ‘tools’ that provide the information and facts on whether the campaign is behind or ahead of schedule. Our digital campaigns are data-led, thus the correct analytics setup and tracking is crucial to campaign success. At outset all new campaigns go through an in-depth analytics tracking and testing stage.

Our client experience…

We work with big businesses, large corporates and the public sector. Of equal importance are our services for SMEs, startups, local industry, entrepreneurs and individual clients who need our expert digital media help.

Seo For Nhs
Digital Marketing For Royal Mail
Ontrack Data Recovery
Black And Decker
Visit Cornwall
Mamas &Amp; Papas
Classic Cottages
Green Flag
London Stock Exchange Group
Now Kitchens
Cornwall Building Supplies
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Ontrack Data Recovery

Fast fact

100% Increase In Page One Keywords

100% increase in page one keywords


We were approached by Ontrack to provide technical recommendations and outreach services for their .co.uk domain.

After seeing exceptional results, we were then asked to work on their Spanish and Irish domains, where we gained the same excellent results.

Seo Agency Uk
Seo Agency Uk

Our team has a combined experience of over 45 years in digital media marketing, SEO, PPC and social media advertising.

Social Media Performance

We are a thoroughbred team

For example our technical director having over 25 years SEO experience alone working on SEO way before Google even existed. So if you are looking to increase your rankings and traffic using strategies based around your own business growth plans, contact us today to see what we recommend.

Ppc Expert Stuart Roode

STEWART ROODE Managing Director

Our experience could be the key component to meet your business goals & ambitions.

Digital Marketing Agency Cornwall
Seo Agency Uk
Seo Agency Uk

Please contact us for a free audit, proposal or just an initial discussion with our business development manager to see if we are the digital marketing agency for you.

Specialist Seo Nottingham
Ppc Services Nottingham
Ppc Services Nottingham

An agency with a wealth of experience

HookedOnMedia has been established since 2012, formed by our two directors Stewart and Andrew who both have previous experience of working for a Pan-European marketing agency, where they were both managers in their field (PPC & SEO), heading a large team for some of the largest brands in the world.

Our team at HookedOnMedia consists of marketing experts, covering technical, creative, and strategic specialists. We consistently deliver outstanding results combining creative ideas with our vast experience.

Louisa Shaw
Digital Account Manager

Lee Jackson
Business Development Manager

Taor McDougall
Marketing Manager

Hayden Bassett
Digital Account Manager

Stewart Roode
Managing Director

Andrew Thomas
Technical Director

Shaun Nunn Hookedonmedia

Shaun Nunn
Paid Media Manager

Tia Woolcock Hookedonmedia

Tia Woolcock
Content Executive

Carmen Burrell Hookedonmedia

Carmen Burrell
Finance Administrator

Vicktoria Malka Hookedonmedia

Vicktoria Malka
Graphic & Social Ad Designer

Daniel Gee Ppc Manager Hookedonmedia

Daniel Gee
PPC Manager

Minnie Prasanthong Hookedonmedia

Minnie Prasanthong
Graphic Designer


Ifrim Dorin
Web Developer

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