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Analytics & Conversion

The purpose of our online marketing campaigns is to ensure your business is gaining the maximum return on investment. Analytics, conversion analysis, and our proprietary monthly reports are essential ‘tools’ that provide the information and facts on whether the campaign is behind or ahead of schedule. Our digital campaigns are data-led, thus the correct analytics setup & tracking is crucial to campaign success.

Analytics Conversion Analysis

At the outset, all new campaigns go through an in-depth analytics tracking & testing stage to ensure all data is being recorded correctly. This ensures correct performance and goals are being recorded, in order to measure business KPIs.

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Seo Agency Uk
Seo Agency Uk


We make complex data accessible

At the start of each campaign, we will ensure that your analytics are set up correctly. As part of the campaign, we will install or provide instructions for your developer to install the code we provide.

It is critical this is in place, as it demonstrates over time that our campaigns are working for you.

The analytics can be a bit daunting to some, so we pull this into our easy to read monthly management reports, which you will receive each month.

Seo Agency Uk
Seo Agency Uk

In-depth analytics

Drilling down into valuable statistics

If your marketing team requires a more in-depth review of analytics, we can provide more bespoke one-off reports to suit requirements, but we usually find our monthly reports are adequate for most clients.

If your marketing team requires a more in-depth review of analytics, we can provide more bespoke one-off reports to suit requirements, but we usually find our monthly report are adequate for most clients.

Analytics will show how your website is performing, covering important information such as traffic to the website, how long a person visited the page/site, what they bought or if they were a new or returning visitor. It might be that they immediately left without clicking deeper into the website. We can provide many other snippets of useful information for us to run your campaigns, with the utmost success.

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Sports Travel South West

Fast fact

Increase In Conversion Rate

178% increase in conversion rate

92% increase in page one keywords

67% increase in organic visibilty

STSW have been an active client of HookedOnMedia since 2016. During this time we have increased rankings, visibility and run successful social & PPC campaigns.

We have also provided conversion recommendations including a website re-build and logo change.

Rugby Tours’ is the main keyphrase with the search volumes, so it was important for Sports Travel South West that we increase this keyword from page 3 on Google to page 1. A great success for STSW and HookeOnMedia.
Seo Agency Uk
Seo Agency Uk

Proprietary reporting

A wealth of performance intelligence

Our thoroughbred reputation is based on driving increased business to our clients. Our monthly bespoke reporting is essential, as it shows the client the overall performance of the campaign.

Digital marketing reports will be sent to you and then followed up each month with your client liaison manager to discuss recommendations and opportunities.

If required, an initial tailored video report can be sent, which will run through the report and clearly explain what each section of the report means.

Seo Agency Uk
Seo Agency Uk

Informed business decisions from our reports

Identifying new opportunites

From the reports, business decisions can be made & internal questions answered…

  • Increase / decrease spends
  • Invest more into channels that drive the most business

Data to digest…

  • Traffic & conversions
  • Ranking progress & search volumes for target phrases
  • Top PPC performing ads
  • PPC ad spend & conversions
  • Call tracking
  • Social reporting

New strategies & directions from us…

  • User behaviour changes over time. SEO, PPC and other online marketing techniques change.
  • Our reporting will help identify potential opportunities and pitfalls so we can react as and when required. 
  • We adapt at an expert level to search engine advances, social media platform enhancements and industry best practices.
Successful Seo

Client endorsement

Digital Marketing Experience
Big Jump In Seo Rankings

I was really impressed that within 3 months I jumped from page 2 to page 1 for my highest searched target phrase.

Digital Marketing Experience

After a full technical audit on my website I implemented the changes that HookedOnMedia recommended – this showed instant advantages to my SEO health score.

They are also a very friendly team and had my best business interests at heart. They clearly have a wealth of knowledge and experience behind them which was evident from the correspondence during the campaign. During the difficulties of COVID 19 HookedOnMedia were very helpful and flexible to work with the situation at hand.

Ben Minnaar Photographer


Seo Agency Uk
Seo Agency Uk

Conversion optimisation

Analyse & increase traffic

From working on 100’s of campaigns we have built up the skills to physically see if a website should convert to a sale, booking, or other types of event organically.

We will recommend adjustments during the campaign. It is not always wise to make changes at the very start, we like to analyse and increase the traffic for a couple of months and then make calculated changes.

We can provide more in-depth conversion reports which include monthly heatmapping campaigns. These will indicate how potential customers use your website, how far they scroll down a page, where they move their mouse, what they click on, what time of day, the browser they use and many other factors that can help us to increase your conversion rates.

Seo Expert
Seo Experts


Seo Heatmap

One of our many intelligence tools is known as heat mapping software. It’s a visual representation of where users click, move or scroll to on your website.

Tip: we recommend that a heatmap is run for at least 3 months, in order for us to gain enough traffic and findings. This facilitates concrete decisions on where changes should be made within your website.

Seo Agency Uk
Seo Agency Uk

Our conversion optimisation service

A perfect companion to SEO

Traffic acquisition is only half the marketing equation. There is little point in building a website without any search engine optimisation (SEO).

Likewise, without conversion optimisation there is little point in providing SEO. Considering the investments already made with the website build and the monthly SEO, conversion optimisation isn’t expensive and the benefits can be huge.

What is conversion optimisation?

Conversion optimisation is a method used to analyse your website and based on findings to make changes to the website with the intention of gaining more conversions, such as purchase an item, make an appointment or booking, a click to call or to fill out a contact form. It’s basically improving the effectiveness of your website.

It takes a scientific and creative approach to optimising websites and enables businesses to convert more visitors into customers, or subscribers who then later convert into a buying customer.

Content modifications, navigation structures, layout styles, and design can have a huge impact on the number of users who sign up for your service or buy your product.

For example, Switch video found that changing a single word in a call-to-action button copy increased qualified leads generated from their homepage by 221%.

In another test, Performable, a company acquired by Hubspot in 2011, was able to increase click-throughs by 21% using a red button instead of a green one.

There are two methods we use..

1 / Manual Observations based on experience

We have over 40 years’ experience within online marketing and in the past, we’ve built many websites. So just from looking at a website, we have a good indication of what works and what doesn’t. For example, it’s surprising just how many websites don’t have a phone number in the top header, or that have a buy it now button that blends into the website so well that it misses the user’s eye. We blend practical, common sense website production skills with the art and science of expert content creation and analysis.

2 / Dedicated Software

By running software over a period of time, we can see how users interact with your website including where they click, how far they scroll down a page, where they moved the mouse, how long they stayed on the website, if and where they exited when filling out forms and many other useful insights. We can also compare user’s behaviour between mobile, tablet and desktop which is of paramount importance with modern devices and multiple platforms.

Successful Seo

If you want to harness the power of conversion optimisation please contact us. We’ll ensure your campaigns are set up, monitored & adjusted for maximum return & performance.

Hayden Bassett
Digital Account Manager

Lee Jackson
Business Development Manager

We can discuss your project and your digital marketing requirements during a free no-obligation call. Simply select a convenient date and time and we’ll look forward to speaking with you.

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