Voice search and SEO

When you research into who is using voice search, why they’re using it and where they’re using it, it is clear that there is an impact on B2B SEO – there is sure to be a surge in optimising [...]

Things to consider: SEO

The internet is the realm we all use to look for new services and products and with this in mind, internet searches are a great way to place your services in front of new customers.   You [...]

August Industry Update

The sun is still out in full force here in Cornwall and sunburn and freckles are rife at HookedOn HQ. With attention now away from the Rio Olympics and the summer holidays nearly over, we’ve got [...]

July Industry Update

You could be mistaken for thinking that we’ve somehow time-travelled back to the 90s this month – what with Pokemon making a comeback, Blink 182 being back together and link building coming [...]

June Industry Update

Summer has arrived, which means the spring cleaning and New Year shakeups have all been swept under the doormat, giving us a little rest from updates and changes in the world of online marketing. [...]

May Industry Update

Spring is busting out the big-guns here in Cornwall, and summer is definitely creeping in with sunny days, the first festivals of the year and the promise of a heatwave on the very near horizon. [...]

April Industry Update

Google have had a little bit of a clear out this month and have dropped an old SEO favourite from its features and penalised bloggers for ignoring their warnings. Snapchat is also taking the lead [...]

March Industry Update

As we’re writing this month’s update, it’s quite apparent that spring is well on its way to Cornwall – the sun is shining, flowers are sprouting and flip flops are out in true Cornish [...]

Why Outreach Matters

Blogging outreach, and forming relationships between bloggers and people who work in the same industry as you is a vital part of digital marketing today. Outreach forms one of the main and most [...]

April Radio Roundup

Not only was there a Google algorithm update during April, but there were many digital changes and things to discuss on our visits to the Pirate2 studios this month. From an update on mobile [...]

March radio roundup

It’s been a big month in the world of SEO news, from the beginnings of a ranking update at the weekend to the announcement of a mobile-friendly algorithm revamp on the horizon and a [...]

June Industry update

  The month of June saw a few changes being made; most importantly the Panda update which saw press release sites and eBay hit with a drop in Google ranking. SEO Google has launched an [...]

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