There are a huge number of successful marketing campaigns that have taken the world by storm, but why exactly were they successful? Let’s look at a few examples from the past and learn how they managed to garner such widespread attention.

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Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka bottles have no real distinct shape and yet, they have become one of the most recognisable bottles in the world. The brand’s ‘In the wild’ campaign became the longest uninterrupted ad campaign ever, running for 25 years. When the ad started, Absolut occupied 2.5% of the vodka market and when it ended in the late 2002s, they were importing 4.5 million cases ear year (equating to half of all imported vodka in the US)!

What can we learn?

Even if your product doesn’t immediately stand out from the crowd or looks simplistic, it doesn’t mean the story behind it can’t bring it to life. Absolut created 1500 ads of just the one bottle – if they can do it, why can’t you!


Coke: Share a Coke campaign

By the time Coke shared their ‘Share a Coke’ campaign, they had long been an established brand for many years, so the challenge for them was to find a way to appeal to the masses. Share a Coke’s concept was the personalisation of each bottle with some of the most popular names in the country (beginning with Australia). Nicknames and college logos could also be uploaded to the Coca Cola’s site which were then turned into your customised bottle.

What can we learn?

The power of customised products goes a long way and the novelty of it never wears off. From a marketing point of view, it encouraged buyers to share pictures of their customised Coke and spread the word, so effectively a lot of the marketing efforts ended up being from the buyers, boosting Coke’s own efforts to spread the word via social media.


Apple: Get a Mac campaign

Apple has produced a string of successful campaigns but this one stands out for accentuating the Mac Vs PC discussion, highlighting that Mac is immune to viruses specifically. The company saw a 42% market share growth in a single year as a result of the ad and the simplicity of the message promotes why Mac stands out without being arrogant and condescending to PC.

What can we learn?

Using a relatable way to market your product to users is important; many companies spend their time shooting their competitors down and not in the most subtle of ways which ultimately says a lot about the company and their attitude. The tact demonstrated by the ad is thoughtful and puts the customer at the forefront so that they are able to see themselves using it and understand why it’s the No.1 choice for them.


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