Keeping up with the SEO trends is essential in 2017. SEO is in a constant state of flux and needs to be continually maintained in order for it to be successful – there is no end result or finish line! Here are a few of our predictions in the world of SEO….


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UX may play a more significant role 

SEO has thus far been considered as a technically-based task rather than a creative role. It it true that SEO encompasses many technical elements. The SEO brainiacs of today need to have a technical grasp of how to successfully optimise content and they need to have an idea of how users engage with the web. Understanding how to apply this information is what separates the good from the great. Since Google is transfixed with the user, you ought to too! Search results will evolve to become more bespoke, so user experience (UX) will play a greater role in the search. And if your content is high quality in the first instance, (even if it is packed with information) it will not draw in users. Learn about your users, make content that engages AND helps them. Coin a style – this makes the difference.


AMP will be a ranking element (Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google used  to operate from a single index of documents when pulling search queries though this has changed. Duel indexes are needed, one for mobile and one for desktop and mobile is becoming more and more prevalent. Users need something that looks good and delivers – fast. A study by Google concluded that 53% of users leave a site that does not load in 3 seconds or less, which is why Google have been pushing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)


Al will run search

Eventually, AI will rid the internet of black hat SEO, as machines learn patterns and comprehend different types of content, meaning results will be more accurate. AL will help make searches more personal and encourage those in the marketing sector to consider segments in a different light.



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