The world of SEO is an ever-changing and evolving one, and with the start of a new year comes a change of tides. It’s all about staying ahead of the game and keeping up with the trends. With this in mind, and Christmas almost upon us, here’s a quick look at what we can expect to happen in the coming year.

Seo-Trend-For-20171. The leverage of Personal Branding

Personal branding is the creme de la creme of digital marketing weapons, and it’s not a secret that should just be reserved for bloggers, YouTubers and the likes of Richard Branson. Personalising your brand in 2017 will make you more approachable, boosts user trust and engagement and encourages guest bloggers to flock to you.

Right now, an extremely low number of companies and brands have caught onto this, so why not make 2017 the year you boost your SEO, social campaigns and marketing with a person touch?

2. Content, Content, Content!

We’ve said it until we are blue in the face, and we’ll say it again: you can’t be on top of your SEO game without pumping out top-notch content. There’s a trend on the web at the moment where you can read the same words over and over again on several different sites. It’s boring, we know, and Google and Bing know this. To combat content fatigue, we introduce dense content.

Content density refers directly to a content’s “per word value,” in other words, it’s all about the quality without the fluff. For example, we could write a 2000 word article on Facebook ad algorithms, but the value delivered per word could be extremely low. Condense this information into a well-formed 300 words however, and you’ve got some high-quality content that jumps straight to the chase.

3. User Experience

As technology gets better, expectations get higher and recently users just haven’t been satisfied with fast page speeds and a site that’s relatively easy to nav. Now, websites are expected to load instantly and be easier to get around than users own homes.

Because of these high expectations, user experience optimisation (UEO) is set to become as integral to websites as SEO and Google has been noted to favour websites with faster load speeds, mobile optimisation and indicators that users enjoy being on site.

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