By 2018, a whopping 69% of all internet traffic will be video-orientated and though video being used in marketing is nothing new, the ability to measure the efficiency of this channel, coupled with the huge incline of social platforms, will shine more light on the popularity of video marketing.

Let’s break down the different social media platforms where video is prominent….


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Last year Facebook video overtook YouTube in the total number of videos viewed and it’s no surprise with its sure-fire audience targeting capabilities.

To maximise the use of Facebook Video, do not solely rely on audio, as the majority of users will have their sound set to be disabled such as when they are commuting. Be sure to place enough weight on the visuals so that your audience is enticed to turn on the sound or can watch and read subtitles.



In case you didn’t know, Facebook own Instagram and therefore works smoothly in conjunction with it. The same Power Editor tool can be used to create campaigns across the two platforms and with Instagram’s 500 million users, you’ve got quite an audience. The 15 second limit is no more and has been replaced with a more substantial 60 second slot, giving users a much bigger stage for their content. Place your brand centre stage and don’t be afraid to breathe some personality into your videos, even if the nature of what you are selling may seem a bit dry.



YouTube racks up an astonishing 4 billion views every day and although it is not strictly a ‘search engine’, it links in well with Google where SEO is concerned. Promoted videos are overseen via Google AdWords and links to videos that are hosted on YouTube come up in Google search results if they are relevant.

Try adding a card to your video – this will point your viewers to particular URLs and bring traffic to your website. Their performance can be analysed in YouTube analytics.



Twitter currently has a 30 second cap on uploaded video content but this can be worked around with the incorporated trimming tool. Be sure to promote your video before the broadcast time/day to make sure you have the biggest possible audience. Promo Tweets, boosted posts using other platforms such as Facebook will also help cross-platform movement.



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