Are you struggling to phrase your call to actions? Or perhaps you’re not sure when to use which? Here is our useful guide on when best to use particular call to action techniques.

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Commanding tone

The type of call to action that is the most popular in content marketing is generally that which is direct and commanding, for example ‘try this questionnaire’ or ‘give this easy tip a try’.

Why is works: Easy to write and gets to the point, fast.

Where it doesn’t: As it’s the most commonly used, you’ll be hard pushed to find something original.

Asking you reader a question is less indirect than the above command method, prompting your reader to create the idea that they might benefit from what you’re telling them, rather than you telling them – it’s like, hypnosis…! These kind of phrases generally look like this ‘what goals could you fulfil with (x product)’ and ‘we could help you turn a corner with your brand, if you’re ready for the journey?’.

Why it works: Questions make people think and often pop out from the page.

Where it doesn’t: Questions can equally come across as condescending if not well thought through.

The missing piece
The question can often merge alongside the question call to action, though by making it negative e.g ‘don’t miss out’ and ‘what’s missing from your strategy?’.

Why it works: Like the straight question, it’s eye-catching on the page and provokes a response.

Where it doesn’t: You may sound complacent or even a little smug.

CTA’s that appear in the text
Call to actions can sometimes work by placing them into the text – an example would be ‘our SEO experts are at your service to help you get your foot on the ladder’ vs a non-in text call to action which would be ‘contact us’.

Why it works: This type of call to action is more subtle as it discreetly sits amongst the text and gives more detail too.

Where it doesn’t: They don’t quite have the catchy zing that the shorter form call to actions do.


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