Today, video marketing is no longer associated with glitzy and glamorous products and services such as food and drink, fashion and tourism to name a few. Whether your business sells waste management services, office stationary or cardboard boxes, video can effectively be used to help your audience explain the product, how to use it and market the benefits. Take a look at some of the ways you can leverage the success of your YouTube channel or pick up more information about if you’re just starting off learning about the power of video marketing.

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Take a close look at who your audience are

The first step to a successful content marketing campaign is to understand who your audience are. In the case of YouTube, take a look at customer concerns so that you can use your videos to address these types of topics; videos such as ‘How To’ are useful in explaining your product and how it can be used, as well as videos like ‘Top 5 Ways To Use X Product’.

Create a signature style that your viewers can expect

So you’ve chosen a topic for your YouTube video and you’re looking to cover that chosen topic in the most effective and meaningful way. Laying your videos out with the same presentation style each time will set a precedent for users, making them feel at home with your brand and the narrative around it.

Make your call-to-share strong

Your videos could be the most compelling anyone has ever seen but without a call-to-share, you risk them not reaching their full sharing potential. Ask your viewers to share your video, visit your website or check your channel for more videos like the one in question. The call-to-share needs to flow from your video content; there’s no point in selling your viewers a product in the video when there is no accompanying video explaining the product for someone elsewhere on your YouTube channel.

Advertise your channel and videos on platforms your audience visit

Conduct some research to find out about some other places frequented by your audience so that you can promote your videos in places they’re bound to be found. Using Google Analytics, you can have an insight into the social media platforms your audience use and split testing (AKA a/b testing) can help you explore the type of messaging they prefer. Split testing is the process of testing two variants of the same thing; in the context of video marketing, you would be testing two versions of a video to comprehend which one is more successful in garnering views or holding an audience. You can learn about how to conduct split testing here.


Here at HookedOnMedia we are always on top of the latest trends in how media is consumed and at this moment in time, video has never been more prevalent, with YouTube being the platform with the second highest number of subscribers. Contact us today for help on how to best use video for your business.