Blogging and SEO come together to get your website more rankings and place you higher in the search engine. But there are a few common mistakes that can easily be avoided…. 

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Not enough importance placed on keyword research

When it comes to shaping an internal content marketing campaign, keyword research should still be the priority and all on-site content needs to be thematically linked by keywords and topics to your overall business goals. So if content is uniquely covering topics rather than keywords, you will never know what your users really want. Keywords are a connecting point between user intent and informational content.


Inconsistent internal links

Many websites overlook internal linking and even online marketing and SEO sites themselves contain a lack of internal links and even mistakes! We recommend 3-5 internal links per blog post or navigation menu to your homepage in order to provide deep links to inaccessible web pages. Carry out an internal link audit and make a note of which web pages have the most authority then place the links on these pages to make am even spread throughout your domain.


Unoptimised images and videos

Many bloggers still ignore video and image optimisation and failing to do so will cause slower loading times and deteriorate SEO performance. Ensure that all on-site images are formatted as jpg and all vector images as png.


Poor content promotion

It is widely said that a good quality piece of content will be enough to be a natural link magnet and rank highly on the merit of the writing but this is not always the case. Some good strategies to promote are:

  • Get influential members of your business to promote the content.
  • Contact relevant influencers via social media so they can share your content in return for some shares from you.
  • Remodel your content into an infographic or video to increase sharability.
  • Run a paid advertisement campaign over social media to place content directly in front of targeted audience members.


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