Stewart Roode

We sat down with HookedOnMedia’s Managing Director Stewart Roode to find out about trends in digital marketing in 2019 and how HookedOnMedia is growing. 


Q. Long-form content seems to be making waves at the moment which would suggest that our attention spans are finally growing when it comes to browsing online! How do you think SEO will be affected by this? 

A. SEO has always favoured content, e.g: the favoured industry saying “Content Is King”. Essentially the more high value content you can create, the more Google has to index. The double effect of long form content is the user readership benefit, information rich articles can provide readers with deeper information being sought. Furthermore to gain coveted ‘Featured Snippet’ results, Google favours in-depth content that is broken down into logical sections, therefore to achieve a featured snippet we’d recommend this type of content as a starting point.


Q. What are your thoughts on voice search and its impact on SEO?


A. Voice search has huge implications for SEO, as users become more accustomed to searching via voice, primarily due to the ease of searching, after all – saying words are faster than typing them. Consider this along with the home assistants such as Google home or Alexa, the market has boomed, voice assistants also are now available in your car, think forwards and there will also be increased searching time available within self-drive cars and so on.
When writing website content it is important to write with voice search users in mind, this can be within the main site content or within valuable content space within blog content. The current share of voice searches is a lot less than than text searches – until Google releases more info – it is however certainly a space set to grow and be in. With a focus on campaign elements such conversational and long-tail keywords within on-site content and overall SEO for authority.


Q.  Will AI finally weave its way into the SEO strategies of the future? 


A. Definitely, for large volume and complex analysis AI and machine learning can greatly assist digital marketers with decisions. We’re seeing this come into play within the paid ad  side of the business also.


Q. Do you think that ranking more highly will be more to do focusing on content strategy rather than keyword density? 


A. Yes – content strategy already more important. Gone are the days of ranking primarily based on content factors such as keyword density, today’s SEO relies on combined optimisation with high value unique content, overall content length, content that is written with the searchers intent in mind, add in user experience, page speeds, site architecture, internal link structure, domain authority, off-site SEO – and the list goes on.


Q. What’s next for HookedOnMedia?


A. We have ambitious plans for growth. The team is growing and this has allowed us to enhance client experience and also further grow the service delivery & results. For example we’re currently focused on deeper social strategies, which require a mix of creative, technical, analytical & of course marketing skills, all of which we contribute to campaigns from within the team.


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