PPC (Pay Per Click). Search engines such as Google and Yahoo allow businesses and individuals to purchase listings in their search results and these listings appear alongside (and increasingly above non-paid organic search results).


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  • Quick results. Businesses need fast-acting results and PPC is arguably the fastest way to achieve this. How? If you have an active website, you can set up an Adwords account with an Adwords set up and run them within Google to begin generating traffic. This quickly enables you to reach your target audience, which is incidentally our next benefit…..
  • Reach the right target audience. PPC campaigns allow you to choose when and where your ads will run and you can assess this based on factors such as location, device, website, keywords, time and many more. Pinpoint your audience by reviewing this information and bring your service or products in their direction.
  • Track your results. From the word go, PPC will show you whether you are generating a profit or not and you have access to all the relevant factors such as views, visits, clicks and more.
  • No need to worry about the changing nature of Google. It is true that if you want long-term success with your website, SEO is essential which means you have to be prepared to be patient due to factors like algorithms changing. In contrast, if your business has a sound PPC campaign that is generating a profit, you don’t need to concern yourself with Google making such changes.
  • Brand recognition. A common use of PPC is to target keywords related to your industry, so that when users search for such keywords, your ads will appear. It’s true that generic keywords won’t get you more sales, but they do leverage your brand and cement your name as a leader in your industry.
  • Hooked on Media are Google Partners which means we receive regular catch-up calls with a Google representative, who reviews our client campaigns and feedback on new services and product updates which are due for release. This enables us to keep ahead of our competition and offer the best quality of service to our clients.


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