Websites can be tricky things, forever needing troubleshooting and updating. Cut out the following mistakes to make your digital life easier.  

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Testimonials aren’t used to their full potential

There are countless third-party sites like Yelp, MyBusiness and Tripadvisor to name a few but these are becoming progressively less reliable especially with the recent Vice article ‘The Shed At Dulwich’ which shone a questionable light on the future of Tripadvisor. The best use of a testimonial is to make sure it appears with the relevant copy. For example, If you have a testimonial about how good your delivery and returns service is, use it on the shipping page of your website. This will help put customers at ease of any worries they might have about the different aspects of the service you’re offering.


Failing to make content locally relevant

If you are a business that relies heavily on location, not only should you use your testimonials to boost your local relevance but your content in general. For example, if you are a pizza restaurant, you are probably going to have similar content to all the other pizza restaurants. You can create content that matters most to your local community, which will set you apart from the rest – use ingredients from your area, create themed pizzas and have your marketing team take a note of common questions they are asked so you can improve local relevance.


Page duplication

Duplicate content can impact upon search rankings because search engines have a hard time deciding which version of a page is the most relevant to a particular search query.  According to Raven, 29% of pages had duplicate content and it’s especially difficult to create the most unique content possible since Google introduced the Panda Update. Creating duplicate content will result in unfriendly URLs; when Google comes across identical or similar resources, it will have to choose which one to present to the searcher and in some cases, it can select the incorrect one. The consequences – you risk presenting your users with a watered-down version of your site.


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