SEO is an ever-changing territory – a bit like the stock market! A good ranking in Google is not something that you can neglect once you get there, it’s about continuing to work hard and keep up with the metamorphosis that is Google.


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  • Look alive! – Search engines (mainly Google) are mercurial, introducing new updates regularly and shifting their ranking factors. With this in mind, an SEO strategy needs to be a living and ongoing document that can be easily modified as the search engine requirements change. If you’re managing numerous marketing responsibilities such as advertising, email marketing etc, it can be difficult to stay on top of the numerous channels you are working across, so your strategy needs to be clear and adaptable.
  • Review your SEO strategy – 33% of people have NEVER reviewed their SEO strategy and with the fast-paced ever-changing organic search field, this seems a very high percentage of people. When you are creating your SEO strategy, make sure you are auditing your analysts and tracking regularly. Keep your team up to date about documentation and using features like Google Analytics’ annotations, so that when changes are made to the tracking, you can see why certain anomalies may exist in your dataset.
  • Patience – You need to be patient when it comes to SEO strategy. Only 5.7% of all newly published pages reach Google’s Top 10 within a year. This proves that hard work and an experienced strategist is needed to yield results. If you are new to SEO, approach things with an open mind and prepare for change. Ahrefs’s study on how long it takes a page to rank in the top 10 results is useful if you would like to know more about this.


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