Daily hashtags are popular hashtags on platforms like Twitter and Instagram, used for specific days of the week e.g ‘#Monday Motivation’. The chances are, if you are an avid user of these platforms, you’ll have come across such examples, but many of us are still stumped on how to use them and what they actually do. Take a look at the list below to get an idea of how daily hashtags can benefit you.

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#MondayBlues – first thing on a Monday morning is always an abundant time for melancholy and humorous content, in a bid to get through the day after the buzz of the weekend. A hashtag like #MondayBlues is versatile and can be used as a tongue-in-cheek piece of content for a diversity of businesses, whether you’re in catering, retail, education or the arts.


#TransformationTuesday – this is a particularly popular hashtag with those in the fitness and health industry, offering these individuals an opportunity to publish ‘before and after’ images of clients and celebrities. The ‘before and after’ concept is highly adaptable and could be used for the transformation of an office after a refurb or any aspect of your business that has undergone some element of transformation – think outside of the box with this one!


#WednesdayWisdom – a mid-week wisdom-sharing session is a great chance to share your industry knowledge with thought leaders and business experts. Everyone is interested in quick-fire life hacks or advice – why not knock up a smart-looking infographic to accompany the copy you publish?


#ThrowbackThursday – Throwback Thursday is a social media trend where users post old images from a past period of their lives. The idea of ‘throwback’ has been popular in the past few months, with Facebook encouraging people to partake in the ’10 year challenge’. In fact, it is now so popular that #TBT is now used any day of the week by many social media accounts.


#FactFriday – similar to Wednesday Wisdom, Fact Friday can be used to shed some light on useful information about your industry or business, though as the name suggests, it tends to be the type of information that is backed up by sources of statistics. Figures from a well-known and reliable source in your industry makes for good content that your users will trust – make sure you check your sources when publishing facts.


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