On Monday, Twitter finally stopped counting photos, videos, polls and quoted tweets against the standard 140 character limit.

However, this does not mean that tweets have the capacity to be overloaded with unlimited photos and video, but will still be capped at four photos and 1 video or gif per tweet.


The relaxed character count, however, does not included promoted Tweets which are created using the ad dashboard. But there is a loophole (hoorah!) – if a Tweet is posted organically by a brand and later upgraded to a promoted Tweet, the original media attachments won’t count, making space for text in the ad!

For now (at least), there are still some things worth noting that count toward the 140 character limit: usernames in replies, hashtags, and links.

However, usernames in replies probably won’t count for much longer as Twitter is already giving these some tests. This won’t eliminate them from the count entirely, however, and will only disappear when replying to a tweet, rather than @’ing them directly.

Hashtags and links look like they are here to count within those 140 characters for a while longer – whether to stop users trying to get more attention for their tweets or deterring spam-bots from filling our feeds with affiliate-heavy links, we do not know.

So, withour further ado – happy Tweeting!