Marketers cannot afford to ignore offline channels and there is no longer a difference between digital and physical. This age of digital connectivity has seen inbound phone calls increase and the customers who make direct phone calls to a business are a marketer’s most valuable resource. 

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In May of this year, Forrster Consulting examined how customers who initiate an inbound call during the customer journey perform against those who do not. It was also found that the phone customer converts faster, churns less and spends more. 


Call tracking at Hooked On 

How does call tracking work exactly? We will set up a dynamic telephone number, set up by our team. This allows us to track each key phrase that led to a customer’s phone call. This information is very valuable as it can be used to promote successful converting phrases across other services, including the SEO and Outreach campaigns. 

This data increases the PPC optimisation because more spend can be distributed to converting phrases and reduce unnecessary spending on less converting phrases. 


The benefits of call tracking outlined

  • Organic teach engine traffic – you can analyse which landing pages are generating calls for your business. 
  • PPC campaigns – establish which keywords function best. 
  • Digital advertising campaigns – in using a different telephone number on each of the ads you run, you can view which display ads perform best. 

The difference call tracking can make 

  • Identify essentials about how customers found your site, including the keywords they used to find you and any previous pages they visited. 
  • Access keywords that your customers searched for that led them to your site and whether it was organic or paid. 
  • Measure impact of your content – Track your callers’ activities on your site and see the pages they’ve visited in the past. See how much time visitors are spending on your site. 


If you would like more information about call tracking services at Hooked On, please do not hesitate to contact us.