Many businesses don’t understand the benefits of creating content that isn’t directly about their brand and products. However, unless you are an internationally-known brand or your industry has the scope for creativity, you will find it difficult to attract much of an audience if you only publish brand-centric content. Businesses are loathe to stray away from sales-orientated content as they fear the lack of tangible results. 


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So how do you create content on a topic that’s related but not directly about your brand? 

Some ideas: 

  • Car mechanic talking about the latest advances in certain car brands 
  • Labels company talking about GDPR brevet regulations. 

This type of content works if you want to: 

  • Cast your net wider – if your industry is a bit dry, this type of content will be more compelling to users. 
  • Target a bigger number of publishers during outreach to increase your link building and PR mention potential. Expand your pool of publishers (bigger vs smaller niches with only a few dedicated sites). 
  • In an analysis of more than 300 client campaigns it was concluded that more than 200 mentions was more likely than low-performing campaigns have a strong emotional hook. If your brand doesn’t naturally engage with audiences, this type of content can help trigger an emotional response from your users. 

Hooked On Media can help craft relevant content for your business. 

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