Call tracking assigns a different phone number to each online and offline marketing campaign you are running; these are then forwarded to your central business phone, so that your staff can answer the call as if it was made directly to that line. Using call tracking will help you compare phone traffic generated by each line in order to determine which of your marketing strategies are the most effective and which are not bringing 



Call tracking helps prove your marketing is working

Call tracking brings you a wealth of knowledge where your marketing campaigns are concerned, helping you ascertain which work and which don’t. Example: you might have a TV ad during the X Factor final at prime time which in theory, will help you attract attention to your business however, if no-one is picking up the phone to contact you off the back of this, you will evidently see that it isn’t working.


Track phone calls back to your keywords

Call tracking allows businesses to track offline conversions and offer up data on the sources (such as keywords, landing pages and ad messages), that led to calls, giving you a more concise understanding RE ROI.


Attribute phone leads to the right source

Call tracking works by using unique telephone numbers for each piece of marketing, which in turn, allows you to measure precisely how effective each channel is.


Recover missed sales opportunities

Every time you miss a phone call, this is a missed sales opportunity for your business and a surprisingly amount of out-of-hours enquiries go unanswered. One of the principal features of calling tracking is missed call alerts; this works by sending an email to registered users in order to alert them of a missed call and the caller’s details. Knowing how many missed calls you have and knowing the origin of these calls is valuable information that can help you and your team function more efficiently.


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