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Google Reacts To Censorship Requests

Google have just released their biennial transparency report, which highlights the types of content that government organisations have asked to be removed. The findings reveal that the number of requests from the U.S. Government have increased by over 100% over the last six months. The number of demands by the U.K. Government went up by almost 50% during the corresponding period. Google have claimed that the findings tell of worrying intrusion by the democratically elected powers.The search engine experts were happy to comply with the requested removal of videos that apparently promoted terrorism. However, they decided against the censorship of videos showing a Canadian man urinating on his passport and satirical parody of the Pakistan Army and influential politicians. It has been pointed out that Google abide by their own set of morals and priorities when any actions are taken.

Twitter Users Offered Enhanced Experience

Whether it be in the development of a new logo or the improvement of search capabilities, Twitter are constantly looking to make forward strides in the online world. The latest update can be seen in the form of expanded tweets, which allow users to view thumbnail images and even videos of linked sites. It is thought that websites that are the focus of these tweets could benefit from more click-throughs and increasingly targeted traffic.

The application process for expanded tweets is rather time consuming and laborious. It involves the embedding of meta code, a detailed sign up via the social networking site and a potentially lengthy wait for approval. However, a leading technological expert said, “I think expanded tweets are a great development for Twitter, a way to add depth to the service while still clinging to its hyperabridged roots.”

Yahoo Gallery Grows

Yahoo have greatly expanded their image and video service by partnering with Getty Images. The platform has been given a pretty comprehensive makeover, and now features slideshows and thumbnail previews. A host of professional photographs and videos have been added to the database. And the collection is set to grow further, as users upload their own high quality pictures and videos.

A representative of Getty Images said, “we’re thrilled to be able to provide power and depth for (Yahoo) visitors and fans with content that is moving and engaging… and most of all inspiring.”

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