Social media has become one of the most dominant business tools out there and one of the most effective ways to reach the teenage audience, who are allegedly spending up to 9 hours a day on social platforms according to Forbes.

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Here are a few other trends that will continue to landslide in 2018……

Create videos but don’t worry about them going viral

Cisco is predicting that by 2021, 80% of all consumer traffic will be video. Almost 50% of businesses are currently implementing social videos a further 26% plan to implement in 2018. One aspect you may not have considered it that it is much more important to identify who is watching rather than how many people. Use analytics tools to track conversions and shine spotlight on which type of people are your audience in this area.


Live streaming will continue to rise in popularity

80% of consumers prefer to watch a live video from a brand as opposed to reading a blog and 82% prefer live video to written social media updates. Now that brands and audiences have settled into video format and know how to manage analytics and data, it is likely we will see video considered as an expectation rather than something that enhances things for your business.


Instagram Stories will continue to thrive

Instagram Stories was hands down the most significant change in the Instagram UX and its 10,000 followers can now add a link as part of the feature. Instagram have a solid presence in the social media world at this moment in time as they lead in video content and it’s definitely worth looking in to especially if you’re in a creative-centred industry.


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