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Americans Prefer Bing To Google

Representatives from Bing recently carried out a blind testing experiment on 1,000 American citizens. They were told that if they preferred the search results generated by Google to those of Bing that they would win an Xbox 360. If they went for the results provided by the second biggest search company then they’d have to hand over an item of clothing or a gadget. Surprisingly many people returned home without their baseball caps and cameras.

A spokesperson for Bing said, ‘Google is such a habit, people don’t think of the choice of engine they’re making. People have told us they prefer Bing’s results at a 2 to 1 margin. We encourage everyone to take the test for themselves to see if they agree.’ Whether this will be enough to persuade the searchers to make a switch from Google is debatable.

Kindle Fire To Feature Bing As Default Browser

Amazon have revealed that Bing will be the main browser on their hotly anticipated Kindle Fire device. However, users who are loyal to Google will be able to switch the browser, if they so choose. The Director of Bing said that his company, ‘is committed to delivering a multi-platform strategy to better meet the needs of our customers, including the new Kindle Fire devices.’

Although this move is unlikely to cause the Google team many sleepless nights, it might be enough to raise the profile of the world’s second largest search company. Bing realise that it will take time to overhaul Google and that every positive piece of PR should be used to full effect.

Baidu Launch A Mobile Browser

China’s number one search company has just introduced a brand new mobile web browser. They claim that it is somewhere in the region of 20% faster than Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari. It is thought that this could soon become the browser of choice among the millions of mobile users in the Far East. The Director of International Communications at Baidu said, ‘we believe that users are very discerning, and they want the best available technologies. We’re confident that it will attract many users.’

Baidu’s share of the market has dropped since the launch of a rival domestic service, Qihoo 360. They have also had to react to search engine innovations made by Google China. Baidu representatives hope that the development of web apps and major investment in cloud computing will be enough to maintain a position of overall dominance.

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