When you solely focus on using keywords to drive your content strategy, not all of your audience’s content needs are captured in a search. There is still an important place for keyword research in 2018, however, it could be argued that its place is later along in the process, once you have researched your audience’s needs.

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How an audience-focused content strategy differs from a keyword-focused content strategy

A content strategy should begin with identifying target audience and then examine your brand’s expertise and USP. Keyword research will help you to learn about how topics relevant to your brand are talked about online but when it comes to audience understand, it is limiting.


A good content strategy should:

  • Find out who your audience are.
  • Excavate their needs.
  • Identify the types of content they wish to consume/what is easily sharable.
  • Identify where they are having conversations online and offline.
  • Identify how to match your expertise to your audience’s needs.
  • Be informed by comprehensive market research.


Once you have identified your content tilt, you can find topics that are most relevant to your brand. Speak to other departments across your business like product management, sales and customer service who can offer input on their version of what customers want/trends. By brainstorming like this, you can generate the most relevant content or pass on this information to an agency, who can create SEO-friendly articles that are well-written, if writing is not your forte.


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