The world of SEO is in constant flux and all businesses should be looking to keep an ear to the ground and ride this wave of change – especially if you’re implementing some new aims to attract a new demographic, don’t forget to amend your online strategy as part of this shift. This could include Google updates, integrating changes through off and on-site testing and creating outreach campaigns amongst other feats. We’re going to talk a bit about harnessing your SEO strategy so that it is in-line with the business goals you might have….  

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Build new keyword research

Once you have an updated list of competitors, you can analyse how much traffic they receive and identify the keywords that are relevant to the new strategy. The tools to do this include:

  • SEMrush.
  • Moz Keyword Explorer.
  • Sistrix.
  • SimilarWeb.

Once you have compiled a list of keywords that your competitors are using, you will need to use another keyword tool to gather more ideas – an example of this is Moz Keyword Explorer which will help excavate new angles for your keyword strategies and group the keywords into relevant categories to accentuate their accessibility. You can filter the keywords from the list according to the relevancy, topic and volume and class them on their likelihood of getting ranked. You can also check what their current ranking in the SERP is.

So you now have a list of new keywords and you can start keyword mapping to integrate them into into your site pages.


Improve the quality of your traffic

Remove low-quality traffic from the index because:

  • It offers no value to the business in terms of sales and leads.
  • Will have a high bounce rate.
  • Result in lower page views per user.
  • Removing low-quality traffic from the index will signpost content that is not relevant to your business. Google will carry out the searcher’s query and offer the most relevant result for this so if you have poor-performing content on your site you should consider removing it from the index or rewriting it to perform better.


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