The world of SEO can be elusive and hard to explain to the layman, AKA people who are not prone to nerding out over analytics and AdWords like us here at HookedOn! For this reason, we’ve put together a list of common questions that our clients ask us to help you understand SEO from a non-technical/geek point of view!

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How long does SEO take?

The success of SEO is very much dependent on invested time, effort and perhaps most importantly, patience. For example, if you’re only uploading a single piece of content once a week it could take many months until you start to see some return. Regular blog posts, link building and content promotion sustained over a period of weeks will speed up the success of SEO – in a matter of weeks you could start to reap the benefits.

How do I select good keywords?

Looking for common user questions in your industry sector can help you select the right keywords, as can trending topics and identifying business areas your competitors aren’t covering. When thinking about keywords, try to think like your customers, consider what kind of traffic you’re looking for (e.g whether it’s to drive sales or brand awareness) and keep track of what works and what doesn’t along the way to avoid wasting time on redundant keywords.

Is linking building dangerous?

In short, no (if you’re going about it correctly.). Posting links at every 90 degree angle will not serve you well, in fact this kind of link building can get you into trouble with Google. Selecting good sources for your links, using genuine content-orientated link building tactics and broadening your strategy every now and then will ensure you don’t run into any problems.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is where by a business ranks for geographically local search queries – these draw on a separate algorithm from Google’s national search results. Local SEO uses a number of the same considerations used in national SEO, such as inbound links, on-site content and domain authority as well as additional techniques like including local citations in third-party directories, and the quality and quantity of online reviews for your business.

Local SEO is essential for brick-and-mortar storefronts whose business comes principally from serving local customers. You can read our blog about the importance of Google Maps here.


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