Competitor research can give you an invaluable insight into your competitors’ habits when it comes to SEO and PPC. Below, we outline some of the principal areas of consideration when it comes to competitor research.

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Know who your competitors actually are

Many businesses think they know who their competitors are but much of the time this is not the case. When it comes to SEO, your competition isn’t just those offering similar products of services to you, but the resources and media that dominate the SERPs for the keywords people are using to find you online. Other factors such as algorithm changes also cause a shift in who your competitors are and how they affect your sales.

Consider which keywords your competitors rank well for

A big chunk of your competitor’s success is down to the keywords that they use. Knowing the keywords in your niche that they rank well for and you don’t is an opportunity to catch them up and get ahead. Reporting tools can allow you to analyse and research this or you can approach an SEO agency, who can team up with you to find the relevant keywords and carry out the research for you and present you with a detailed report.

Competitor PPC habits

Taking a closer look at your competitors’ paid search habits and efforts will give you an insight into the keywords that they don’t rank well for. Find out which keywords they are bidding for in order to know what their best selling products/items/services are and which keyword are their most desired targets. This way you can use them in your SEO strategy, turning their weakness into your business’s strength.


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