Remaining up-to-date with the content market trends of the hour is an essential part of staying ahead of your competition and maintaining your audience numbers as well as attracting new followers.

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Changes in format – Content marketing is principally about written content types (such as blogging and ebooks) that will generate additional email subscribers. Whilst this is certain to continue, we are likely to see much more long-form content, with serpIQ identifying that top-rated posts stood around 2000 words, signifying that weighty content is valuable to Google.

Buying influencers – This was a trend that became in 2016 and will surely continue to evolve throughout 2017. Influencer marketing is the type that centres around using key leaders to drive your brand to a bigger market. Many brands have realised that their time and money may be better spent going after 20 micro-influencers who each have relevance to their brand, rather than a single mega-influencers.

Increasing multimedia – It’s no secret that content has become more and more multimedia-based and visual over recent years. 500 million people watch a video on YouTube every day.

Paid promotion & decline of organic research – This has been ongoing for the past few years. Instagram unveiled an algorithm based feed, rather than a chronological one earlier this year. As the app is increasing in popularity, Instagram believe that there will be too much content going up and their users will miss out on quality images shared by their friends. Introducing this algorithm will keep the feed ‘ordered to show the moments we believe you will care about the most’.

Mobile, mobile, mobile – It’s official – mobile traffic has overtaken desktop and this looks only to increase in years to come with many new internet users in developing countries gaining access through mobile use. This shift has been acknowledged by some major players including Google, who have introduced a super-fastlight version of a web page, known as ‘Accelerated Web Pages’. 

Refinement on social media – With every new year comes a new social media platform trying to take centre-stage and businesses cannot always keep up with the increasing number of these popping up! With this in mind, the prediction in 2017 is that businesses will identify one or two platforms that work for them and focus their attention to these. Jayson DeMers of Forbes believes that ‘As a result, we may see greater stratification between the major platforms of our era’.


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