Want to keep up with Facebook’s latest trends? Below are some of the most recent updates.

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Info & Ads feature for Pages

Last month Facebook gave users the means to view all the ads any Page is running at one time and they don’t have to be following that Page, nor do they need to be a member of the ad’s targeted audience. This is particularly beneficial to brands, who can view their competitor’s offers and campaigns and seek out new strategies and ideas.


Facebook and augmented reality ads

In July at the F8 Developer Conference, it was announced that Facebook would be testing augmented reality ads in Messenger in conjunction with certain brands including Michael Kors, Pottery Barn, and Sephora. These type of ads allow users to access the native in-app camera to see how the products would look on themselves.


‘Your time on Facebook’ Tool

A sample version of the tool ‘Your time on Facebook’ is running, showing users how much time they spend on the Facebook mobile app. Information like how much time spent on the app per day and over a 7-day period will be accessible. Users also have the chance to set an alert that notifies them when they’ve reached a pre-set time on the app, matching wellness initiatives that YouTube and Instagram have implemented.


Facebook is shining a spotlight on users’ bad shopping experiences

Users now have more power where bad shopping experiences are concerned. Consistent bad feedback about poor shopping experiences will now cause Facebook to take a look at particular ads and potentially shut them down as a result – they may also limit the brand’s reach or even ban the account indefinitely.


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