Firstly, what is Facebook Zero?

Facebook Zero is the phrase Facebook have defined as being the new way that they talk with their newsfeed; they are looking to prioritise person-to-person connections, pushing content from your friends, family and acquaintances. The only problem that Facebook has encountered however, was that as there is more space for personal content, there would be less room for branded content.

So why the change? Mark Zuckerberg actually avowed that Facebook had received feedback that was too ‘public’ and clogging up users’ feeds – not something that is particularly popular.

You can see Zuckerberg’s full tweet by clicking here

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So why are marketers worrying?

In the realm of social media marketing, many businesses end up consecrating all their energy to one channel and this is often Facebook. So to be informed that their principal method of free and effective marketing is to be no more is a bit of a let-down.

What happens now?

There has already been a decline in reach for Facebook Pages, but don’t fret, Facebook marketing isn’t dead, it’s just different. As the algorithm is only just starting to unfold there will be a lot of experiments happening and if you’re highlighting the right types of content on your platform you will be just fine.

How to keep up on social media post-Facebook Zero update

  • Ride with the current, not against it – there will be those who take the easy but ineffective route (in the long-term), of trying to ‘cheat’ the algorithm. An example? Using their personal Facebook profile to leave comments on their business pages’ content. Unfortunately the effects of this type of practice are short-lived and will eventually get you into trouble with Facebook, who will quickly catch on to these black-hat type strategies.
  • Use more video – using video (particularly native video as Facebook still prioritises this on the platform) will help you generate a bigger reach. Hosting live streams or themed video content is also a great way to get your users visiting regularly. Users have a particular interest in episodic content and this can also be in written or image form.
  • Show your users how to see your content first – your users will still have the option of ‘See First’ in their news feed preferences in order to view the posts from their preferred pages. Show your followers how to become ‘See First’ fans of your page’s content.
  • Collaborate – reach out to your peers to examine how your business functions as a unit and use this information in the context of your social media marketing.


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