Loading speeds have become super important over the last few years – this is one of the elements most responsible for users staying on or leaving your website or pages. Websites that are fast-loading will do better in Google search engine rankings. Technical developers can optimise your server performance, changing how the stack loads.

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You need to resize and compress images before uploading them to the CMS and leaving the responsibility to the server compression software. Webpages should not be larger than 1 megabyte and when there is a page weighing in at 10 mb, you know there is a problem with image optimisation. With this in mind, it’s good to know about how to compress, save and resize an image and assigning a process to ensure that can fix a large part of page weight problems.


Pages did not used to load properly at large weights with a 1mb page taking 10 minutes to load! With the speedy connections of 2017, some sites have become lax in keeping an eye on page weights which results in sites being 20mb per page…! Mobile is a restrictive issue and your Google rankings will become affected due to slow page load. Many people are banking on CMS systems to resize images, resulting in large image weights and slowing down the page speed.


How to prepare images for your site

Resize your images. Save the image to the largest physical size necessary and no bigger. So, if you need 2 images of 700 x 500 pixels, resize your images to 700 x 500 in a program such as photoshop, equipped to do the job. Then if you need to resize in WordPress or another CMS, you can work with your smaller file from the very start.


File type

Choose the correct file type. Many people uploading images to their blogs in a CMS do not have comprehensive content experience and save as JPEGs when a PNG might have been the right type of file. This is important, as the incorrect file type will increase the weight of the file and disturb the loading of the page.



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