No matter what sector you’re in, you’re going to want to establish a strong voice for your brand, which is where content writing comes in. Many things inform the content such as graphic design, target audience, the types of keywords that need to be used within the content to optimise it.

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A confident voice that is attached and makes sense to the other areas of your brand is necessary as this will pull everything together. This will also capture the imagination of your readers and hopefully, persuade them to buy into your brand essence.


Images and text

Ensure that your images are relevant to your text and of high quality. For example, thank about when you might use an animated image and a real-life one, as this can influence the way your reader reads your content. You can read more about uploading and resizing images here. One useful pointer to consider is that, if your logo did not appear alongside your content, could someone on different platforms identify the copy all came from the same brand? You do not want to have a multitude of voices coming from the same brand, but you do need to adapt if your product or service changes – this is where good copywriting is essential.


Make it relatable and human

You may be tempted to scatter your content with keywords and not really think about the creative and lingual aspects of your copy. This is where it all starts to go wrong. Good copy should be written by humans, for humans! This means organic, readable content that appears not to have the ulterior motive one selling.


Communicating with your team

No matter who is writing your content, it’s important to put your stance and ideas across to them so that the writer can get a sense of what you are trying to achieve as a brand.


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