This month’s digital news is relatively quiet apart from news that Google ended its three-year experiment with Google Authorship, but the use of Author Rank to improve search results is set to continue.

 Google analytics comes to iphone

Google has finally released its Analytics iPhone app which aims to provide users with a website monitoring platform in the palm of your hand. The biggest upside to the iPhone app is that it’s free, unlike several other 3rd party apps, which are said to deliver a poor user experience due to the quirks with GA integration.

Highlights of the app include:

 An Overview of Website Metrics

This feature shows top-level metrics, allowing the user to keep track of visitors, page views and traffic by channel

Real-Time data

Shows the number of active users on a site and other basic information

Graphical Reports which include:

Visualize visitors over time

Page views by time of day

What does the death of Google authorship mean?

In June this year the image that appeared by the authors name was dropped and now it has been announced that by-lines and everything else related to Google authorship has gone.

Before the death of Google authorship


How it now appears in the search engine after the death of Google authorship

New: Google My Business iOS & Android Apps

New: Google My Business iOS & Android Apps. Barry Schwartz on June 25, 2014 at 9:24 am. 497; More. Google announced they have released a mobile app …



Google have told Searchengineland that dropping Google Authorship shouldn’t have an impact on how the In-depth articles section works as there are other ways of finding visible bylines. Google also said that the dropping of Google Authorship won’t impact its other efforts to explore how authors might get rewarded.

Social media

Twitter began rolling out an update that is designed to show users new content. The change will enable tweets from people you don’t know to appear on your personal timeline if Twitter believes they are “popular or relevant to your search.