A conversion rate is a trackable event and will differ depending on your clients circumstances which can include; Sales, enquiries, downloads or calls.

It is tracked by setting up goals within Analytics and adding code to buttons etc. Your conversion rate is calculated by simply taking the number of conversions and dividing that by the number of total ad clicks that can be tracked to a conversion during the same time period.

What If My Conversion Are Lower Than Expected?

If your conversion is lower than expected,  we would need to run  a heat map tests to see where people are clicking and we will provide a conversion analysis report for main action points including:

Re-position call to actions


A top Right Contact form

A Purchase button – More than once per page and make action points stand out if the button is larger and by changing colours.

Run Multi-Variant Tests (Content Experiments in Google Analytics) Modify:

  •  Your headline
  • Your introductory text
  • Your offers
  • Your pictures
  • Your readability
  • Your usability
  • Your navigation
  • Your products
  • Your pricing
  • Your offers
  • Your testimonials
  • Your call-to-action
  • Your site layout
  • Your return policy

Each visitor will see a different aspect of the site change – multivariate-testing software will work out, on average, which of the elements performed the best
Or Split Testing A/B test

Half of your visitors would see Headline A, and

The other half would see Headline B. Other ways to test:

Create a Customer Survey – Survey Monkey Learn from the larger sites – shopping use Amazon layout – it obviously works. Continually test and learn from your customers

What Are Bounce Rates?
A bounce rate is the percentage of visits in which users view only a single page of your site. Bounce rates are recorded within Analytics.

Visitors might leave your site from the entrance page if there are site design or usability issues such as percentage of a single page view

26 to 40 percent is excellent –

41 to 55 percent is roughly average.

56 to 70 percent is higher than average

Anything above 70% is usually a poor indication.

What’s Your Opinion on Bounce Rates?

You need to analyse each bounce rate, measure by time on site and how they arrived on the page

How Could You Improve a Bounce Rate?

A bounce rate could be improved y using the following methods such as:

Redesigning those entrances or landing pages.

General site-wide poor bounce rate could for example due to different marketing activities that run alongside.

Make more inviting actions for user to click onto another internal page. Site layout and navigation.

Clear call to actions Make sure you leave enough time between changes to collect enough data to evaluate the imapact – measure against previous performance.

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Online marketing considerations for a new website or a re-brand What does a Business Need to consider

When rebranding or launching a new website you need to consider the Impact it will have on the current rankings, whether this is the best time of year to make a change?and the platform the website be developed in?

This depends on requirements, but WordPress is a good all-round CMS system that will suit most businesses and most importantly Google likes it!

What Processes do you put in place?

Stage 1

Working with the developer

Review sketches

Review Wireframes

Recommend Site structure & architect –

Crawl current live website to capture URLS

Stage 2

Working with the Content Creator

Provide a content guidelines report

Recommend &Review Content

Additional landing pages

Separate Content

Recommend internal links within content

Stage 3

Once the test site is near completion

Run tools to create a technical SEO report

Provide Old to New URL mappings & 301 redirect rules

Run backlink analysis to request popular sites update the linked URL

Update Social Media Accounts

Re-test everything and don’t forget to run monthly reports to track progress

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