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Advertisers who have used PPC campaigns to win new customers may be interested in a new Adwords utility. It has been designed to give the webmasters and business owners more control, by allowing for the creation of targeted advertisements for users of different technological devices. For example, it will now be possible to balance the marketing spend between mobile and desktop advertisements.

Honing In On The Target Market

The new utility will enable advertisers to roll out different advertisements, depending upon the time of day and devices that are being used. The owner of an Indian restaurant could choose to feature an advertisement with a menu click-through for desktop users who conduct searches in the early evening. They might also opt to turn mobile advertisements off after closing time.

According to the official Google blog post, ‘enhanced campaigns help you reach people with the right ads, based on their context like location, time of day and device type, across all devices without having to set up and manage several separate campaigns.’

Key Details About Enhanced Adwords

Advertisers will no longer have the option to run separate campaigns focused on specific internet-enabled devices. Instead they will have to create overarching campaigns and vary the amounts spent on desktop and mobile advertisements at keyword level. There will be the option to set a balanced budget for mobile and desktop advertisements, depending upon the market that you are attempting to target. It will also be possible to adjust the bids depending on searcher proximity and time of day.

Advertisers may be interested to hear that Google have already begun the integration of the new Adwords system. More account owners will be given the option of an advertising upgrade over the coming months. However, it would definitely be worth conducting some research and designing new advertisements to ensure that the switch doesn’t have a great impact on your company’s fortunes. There will be no turning back after saying yes to enhanced Adwords.