A new survey has revealed that Google Maps is the most favoured navigation apps, with more than 67% of respondents admitting they use it more frequently than other options available to them.

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The report also found that Google Maps is 6 times more popular than the 2nd placed navigation app, Waze, also owned by Google but with an adoption rate of only 12% amongst the respondents of the survey. Apple Maps comes in third in line, with an adoption rate of 11%. Whatever size your business is, making it available on Google Maps or a similar app will allow your customers to find you with ease.

How are people using navigation apps?

More information arising from the survey includes the emergence that 90% of people who use them do so for driving directions, unsurprisingly. Moreover, 36% of people surveyed said they used these types of apps for looking up directions before leaving and 34% use it to navigate en route to their destination, whilst 30% said they did both.

The importance of Google Maps for small businesses

As outlined above, Google Maps is the most prolifically used navigation app out there which means most of your customers are using it to find your business than they are any other navigation app. Having easy to follow direction and location information (such as having Google Maps incorporated onto your website) is particularly important for businesses not engaging in ecommerce for obvious reasons – if the customer can’t find you, you’re already a step behind selling anything!

Add your business on Google Maps by following these steps:

  • Claim your business by going to ‘Google My Business’ and clicking on ‘Get on Google’, after which you will be directed to Google Maps, where you can enter your business information.
  • Add your business and additional info.
  • Verify your business listing.

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