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Google Indexes App Content

Google have made the decision to allow Android users the opportunity of accessing app content directly from the search engine pages. They have started out by adding links to popular apps including Etsy, Expedia, Moviefone and Healthtab. However, it is possible to register for the indexing of other apps via webmaster tools. It is also worth pointing out that users will only be able to access apps that they have already installed. However, Google are planning on adding download buttons to the website listings.

Google have said that the decision to incorporate app listings will not have a bearing on website rankings. However, it is thought that they will continue to reward the integration of original content. The Google Q&A revealed that “Google uses many signals to determine the frequency at which your app is crawled. As a rule of thumb, it will be a similar frequency at which your website is crawled.”

Google Removes Links To Pirate Websites

Google have been responsible for the removal of 200 million pirate links since the turn of 2013 according to Torrentfreak. The copyright specialists pointed out that the recorded figure was just over 50 million in 2012. It is thought that the increase has happened as Google have come under increased pressure from influential groups such as the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the British Recorded Music Industry (BPI).

A representative of the RIAA said, ‘There can be no doubt that search engines play a considerable role in leading users to illicit services and can be a key part of addressing infringing activity online.’ However, it is thought that illegal sites will continue to operate as a great proportion of people do not use the search engines to find illegitimate content.

Bing Enhance Their Musical Service

Bing are continuing to enhance their digital offerings in a bid to gain a greater share of the search engine market. They have launched a brand new advertisement for the Smart Search feature, which works in a very similar way to the Google Knowledge Graph. And they have also drawn upon music from Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion in the development an improved online streaming service. The musical feature allows users to preview tracks and listen to a variety of albums from start to finish. Representatives of Bing are hoping that positive reviews will stimulate interest among the online community.