After almost two years of waiting, Google finally updates the Penguin Algorithm. It’s the fourth major Penguin release, making it Penguin 4.0, and apparently the last of its kind, with Penguin updating in real time from now on.

The algorithm, which was introduced in 2012 has always worked on a periodic basis. It is designed to capture sites that are spamming SERPs in ways that Google’s regular spamming systems may not detect.


In short, Penguin would catch those spammy sites, penalise them, and then not have that lifted, even if the site improves, until the next update. With the last update being in October 2014, a lot of webamsters have been waiting a long time to be set free from the Peguin grasp!

But, with Penguin now updating in real-time, these long waits are a thing of the past. As Google crawls and recrawls pages as it does all the time, the Penguin filter will now be applied to the process. Pages will now be caught/freed by Penguin at a much quicker pace.

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