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Matt Cutts Provides Information Regarding Google Penalties

It is known that some webmasters have spent months attempting to recuperate their rankings after being penalised by Google. However, there are a select number of websites that have been reintigrated fairly quickly. Interflora re-established their rankings for specific keywords and phrases 11 days after being penalised for the purchase of advertorials and press releases featuring links. Matt Cutts refused to comment on this particular case in a recent video on the topic of Google penalties. However, he did reveal that the penalties were less severe for websites which were being penalised for the first time.

Matt Cutts revealed that the harshest penalties are imposed on those webmasters who repeatedly violate the Google guidelines. He went on to point out that some webmasters do not take the required level of action following penalties. They might remove a few bad links. However, their reconsideration requests may be unsuccessful if Google notice other outstanding issues. Cutts said, ‘I wouldn’t necessarily recommend going the route of everything for last year or everything for the last year and a half, but that’s the sort of large-scale action, if taken, can have an impact whenever we’re assessing a domain within a reconsideration request.

Google Introduce + Post Ads

Google have just announced the launch of + post ads. These advertisements are enhanced through the incorporation of content from the Google + social media network. This gives digital marketeers the opportunity to promote their services and products in via Google hangouts and comments. However, users have to be logged in before they can interact with the advertisements. The marketeers are also restricted to the placement of advertisements on websites within the Google network.

Toyota have already used Google + post ads to promote the brand new Corolla. A representative of the leading Japanese automotive company said ‘ When it came to the 2014 Toyota Corolla launch, we needed a unique approach if we really wanted to reach this consumer … Being able to deliver the right message at the right time to the right person is always the gold standard.’

Google Increase The Availability Of Data Mark-Up Information

Google have started providing the users of Webmaster Tools with further information about structured data markup errors. The data may be accessed via the structured data markup dashboard. It allows users to ascertain the impact of website content changes on data markup. Google have even included graphs, which reveal the emergence and resolution of errors over time. However Google’s Mariya Moeva said, ‘Data pipelines have been updated for more comprehensive reporting, so you may initially see fewer data points in the chronological graph’.