A good time was had by all at this year’s office Christmas party at The Alverton Hotel in Truro, with excellent food, much merriment, a few glasses of bubbly, and the team looking uncharacteristically well dressed! As we reach the end of another successful year at HookedOn, we’ve been reflecting on our highlights from 2019 and hopes for 2020. Here’s what the team had to say…

What’s your favourite HookedOn moment from 2019?

Andrew: During our team day out, watching Shaun’s face on the build-up to the giant swing at Adrenalin quarry!

Stewart: This year it has to be team development and the innovative ideas the team have all brought to the HookedOnMedia. We now have excellent client communications with video updates on campaigns if clients are not available. Our social ads offering has widened, with targeted lead generation campaigns, retargeting funnels and creative video & social ad content. And our finance department has welcomed a new full time team member relocating from South Africa, meaning our response rates are even faster – and they were thoughtfully quiet’ish during the Rugby finals!

Vicki M: How do I pick just one!? I think the winner might have to be me and Andrew’s Wednesday evening table football victories against Stewart and Mink…Although I guess that’s more of a regular occurrence!

Xavia: Coming back from maternity leave and seeing all my lovely colleagues again! AND Carmen on her first week putting herself forward for being thrown off a cliff at Adrenalin Quarry – what a legend!

Mink: Definitely when we went to Adrenalin Quarry and I got to go zip lining for the first time. That was such a fun day.

Carmen: From my short time since joining HookedOn in September, I have enjoyed every moment in the company. The positive vibe from all the team gave me confidence to take part in the Adrenalin day without any fear of those “danger rides,” LOL.

Shaun: Our day trip to Adrenalin Quarry.

Lee: Starting with such a buzzing company on Monday 11th November!

Vicki P: It’s a tie between safely getting off the Giant Swing at Adrenalin Quarry and running around Truro taking elf pics for our social contest!

Nikki: Our team building day at Adrenalin Quarry. I loved everything about it.

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What’s your biggest hope for 2020?

Andrew: Growing HookedOnMedia further by bringing on more clients and expanding the team.

Stewart: Heading into a new decade I’m excited about new technical advertising options that becoming available to us. HookedOnMedia is here to harness & deliver these effectively, my hope is that we surpass the last decade with continued growth & campaign performance.

Vicki M: I hope as HookedOnMedia grows I get to work on designing a wider variety of exciting content to help other businesses grow too!

Xavia: Good weather, clean crisp days, and some good ground swell!

Mink: For HookedOnMedia to have more clients.

Carmen: Looking forward to learning & understanding more about the digital marketing industry and each day at HookedOnMedia.

Shaun: Since joining in April 2019, I’ve seen HOM grow in clients and staff. I hope 2020 can be another prosperous year for HOM!

Lee: To be successful within the business.

Vicki P: That we get some lifestyle/travel clients who want us to do first person experience blog content!

Nikki: Growing the team and getting more clients.

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