In 2017, aesthetic design in branding matters more than ever. Take the big guns like Apple, Air BnB and ZARA; Over the last decade there has been a common denominator across these brands where visuals and graphics are concerned – they have continued to strip down and become increasingly minimal, letting the space and images do the talking. Bigstock 189644005 E1508249468792

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Image layout/display is as important as each individual image, as it’s an opportunity to tell your brand’s story. The way that you formulate your images can either confuse the user or enhance their experience of your site and brand so think carefully about this on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. 


Using Instagram to its maximum 

Carousel tool – upload up to 10 pictures or videos in a single post – your followers can swipe through them and the pictures become like an album format and the post can be thematic. 

Increased video length – it’s been several months since Instagram updated the length of a video that you can post, but just in case you didn’t hear about it we thought we’d remind you. The limit used to be 15 seconds and has now increased to 1 minute, allowing for more scope and making it less like a Vine. With video becoming increasingly crucial, this is one of Instagram’s most significant updates.1 min vid doesn’t mean you have to use it every time. 

Top tip for increased video length – vary the length of the videos you upload – just because you’ve now got the option of a 1 minute video is doesn’t mean you need to use it every time – varying video lengths will keep users on their toes. 

Layout  – create neat collages using layout – a type of storyboard if you like. 

Top tip for Layout – get you graphic designer and your social media forces to join up with this, as their combined knowledge will maximise what you can get out of the layout tool – the former can use their keen eye for visuals and the latter can draw upon their experience and observation of what top brands are doing to get the engagement. 

Top Tip for Instagram

Even if you don’t fancy embracing Instagram, why not use the filter and editing tools to edit your pictures and post them on the social media channels that you like best? 


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