There’s no denying it – us SEOs are as guilty as anyone when it comes to ‘getting on with the job’ and neglecting to look at the world and the industry around us. We can become very ‘heads down,’ with our minds very firmly placed in our laptops, but it’s important to remember that search marketing and SEO is just as much about people as it is websites. In this article, we look at some ways we think you can become a better communicator, and therefore a better employee, when working within the industry.


Schedule Regular Catch Ups

Whether with your team or the clients you work for, it’s vital you maintain regular contact face to face to make sure you are covering all bases within your SEO work.

Personal Relationships

This one can’t really be underestimated – personal relationships are vital to maintain when we are working in such a digital world. If you have a good personal relationship with your client ensure that is maintained – send congratulations cards, birthday presents or Christmas gifts from either yourself or the business you’re working for. It’s amazing how well this goes down, and make sure you accept invites from the company in question and get to know their friends, and even family, if you are let in and the opportunity arises.

Keep Client Goals in Mind

There’s no point in endless communication if the communication you’re sending is putting across the wrong information, or is neglecting to get to the point when it comes to your client’s goals. In order to improve your communication when working in SEO keep reiterating the successes you’re achieving relative to the goals. This way, you’ll make sure you’re all walking the same path and that any issues are clearly communicated along the way.

Learn the Difference in Types of Communication

In any job, you have to communicate differently to different workers or co-workers depending on your role – and in SEO this is no different. You will have to differ your communication style depending on whether you are talking to clients, web developers or even potential clients. This is an important step in becoming a good communicator within SEO.

Speak the Right Language

Get to know the jargon and the lingo of the people you are talking to. Not only does this improve communication, but it also breaks down barriers and removes any misunderstanding when talking about what is essentially a very ‘tech’ based subject. If you are talking to web developers, get to learn your HTML from your PHP and Javascript.

If you require any help or advice about communicating in SEO, we are able to speak your language and explain how this may assist your business or your clients. For more information, contact us and speak to one of our digital marketing experts.