Over 300 million people use Instagram Stories everyday and the platform itself is the fastest growing of the year so far and indeed of last year and 2017. Instagram Stories can be used to create Snapchat-esque photo and video sequences that are removed after 24 hours. The feature has proved indispensable for businesspeople who are on the platform, with 1 in 5 Stories receiving direct messages – when a potential customer contacts your business in this way, that is a lead.

Tutorial-based Instagram Stories

We are innately programmed to seek instant or fast gratification, which is why Instagram Stories works so effectively with its audiences. One such business who have harnessed this is Etsy – they use Instagram Stories to create tutorials, capitalising on their audience’s desire for making and crafting as well as the internet’s innate desire to want fast results.


‘Behind the scenes’ content

The New York Times recently exposed its Instagram followers to behind the scenes at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, bringing a more personal touch to their content. This use of Instagram Stories is useful for making followers feel distinguished and a part of (or even a contributor of) the brand of business in question.


‘Breaking news’ content

Instagram Stories can be used to make announcements to keep followers and customers in-the-know which is valuable to brand advocates and fans. The types of news that might count as ‘breaking’ could be a recently made acquisition, a newly hired member of staff or the launch of a new product. Sharing this type of news via Instagram Stories will reinforce the idea that followers of your Stories are well-informed and pride themselves on being kept up-to-date. Ben and Jerry’s recently used Stories to launch a new flavour!



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