Are you looking to sell more products using Instagram but aren’t sure how to go about it? Here are some useful pointers that will help you on your way to extra Instagram ecommerce.

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Transform your Instagram profile into a storefront

Making sure your profile is geared towards grabbing the attention of potential shoppers is the first step to increasing sales. Make sure your bio gives a call to action and includes contact information and a website address. Incentives like free shipping or discount codes are also a good way to capture the attention of people who come across your page. Make use of Instagram Stories to share new offers and news.

Give your profile personality and strong branding

Your page is an extension of your website and seeing as the latter is branded, why shouldn’t the same be true of your social media channels? Use the same colour patterns for your highlight albums and maintain some consistency when it comes to the composition of your images to offer some sense of uniformity. The type of hashtags you use are also an opportunity to give your brand character. Develop hashtags that are unique to your brand as well as using some more popular and wider-reaching example used by other brands in your industry.

Convert interest into a sale

Instagram business accounts allow you to tag your products in posts, giving you the chance to add your products via Shopify or other shopping cart. Your shoppers will then clearly be able to see product and pricing information. Use the copy in the post to close sales by using angles such as time of year or national/international days of the year to entice potential customers to purchase your products.

Use Instagram advertising to promote products

So you’ve created your storefront – now it’s time to start marketing it using Instagram ads. Click on the ‘Promotions’ button and choose the posts you want to promote. This works in the same way as Facebook’s ‘Boost post’. You can target audiences according to age demographic, location, gender etc.


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