In 2019, the world of social media marketing is more competitive than ever, and with out ever-thinning attention spans, it’s important to know how to capture the imagination and attention of your audience. Here are a few pointers on how to leverage your social media pages.

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Get to know your audience.  

When you’re posing content for your business page, it’s important to remember that it is indeed, a business page and not your personal page. What you find entertaining isn’t relevant and you will need to engage in some research to excavate what your audience needs – note that this will be in flux as markets and times change.


Keep it short

The majority of people use Facebook on mobile devices, 88% to be precise. Facebook found that people scrolling through their News Feed on their mobile phones spend an average of 1.7 seconds to consume a single item of content; even those browsing on a computer spend an average of 2.5 seconds per piece of content. With this in mind, keep your posts concise and short in order to prevent users from scrolling on past your posts.


Quality-orientated content

If users are scrolling quickly through content, it’s fair to assume that you don’t have time for long-form content, graphics, videos and text all in one post. Moreover, if you are struggling for original content, content curation is an effective way to share high quality content that will engage your audience. Content curation is relevant content collated from a range of sources around a particular topic that you go on to share with your followers and audience.


Find stand-out images

Research shows that Facebook posts that include a photo receive higher-than-average engagement rates; Facebook suggest product close-ups or customer photos. Don’t labour under the misapprehension that you need a fancy camera to get Facebook-ready photos – your mobile phone will do just fine – as long as the product is visible and brand message is clear.


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