Brexit: It’s a great big question for us all, unchartered territory that’s way off the beaten track. After the initial cool-down post-Brexit vote, opinions were emphatically divided, now, with some time having passed us by, we are able to make a more accurate prediction of what Brexit has in store for the world of digital marketing.

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Digital skills gap

According to attaindesign, there is a shortage across the various digital disciplines in the UK, which is surprising given the digital economy is responsible for an estimated 10% of the entire UK GDP. Following the vote on Europe, the industry’s worry was that the potential influx of talent coming in from Europe would be severed, widening an already narrowing digital skills gap.


Wary advertisers

As household spending reduces, advertisers are increasingly nervous about investing big budgets into TV ads, using this money to focus on targeted digital advertising instead. As far as the figures go, it is predicted that those aged 16-24 will watch about 10% fewer TV ads this year, instead receiving these on their smartphones and devices.


Data protection changes

The widely discussed new GDPR regulations are now in place. The rapport between the customer and the retailer is metamorphosing due to continuous innovations in technology and businesses will have to make sure they have a clear set of rules when handling customer data.


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