Becoming a Google partner is not easy and an agency must fulfil a number of steps before qualifying.

Google Partner

Being a Google partner means an agency has some valuable resources provided by Google which can help take your project to a superior level.


So how do businesses qualify to be Google partners? The finer details below….


Business details

Google ask agencies to make a ‘Partner’s profile’ in order for them to access all of the required information on the business before they can qualify them. This first step means the business must be committed and worthy entrants before the selection process begins.



Certification process

To become a Google Partner, an agency has to become Google AdWord Certified which requires expertise in the Google back-end for paid marketing initiatives – essential in delivering a quality service to clients – this includes Search, Display, Shopping, Video and Mobile advertising.




Google put minimum spending requirements in place which proves to clients that the agency have the infrastructure to offer thriving results for clients.



Best practices

Google will give agencies a list of best practices where AdWords is concerned. This ensures that businesses get the best marketing out of the agencies.


Note that businesses who do not maintain good results and quality performance can have their Google Partner status stripped – so you know that if you’re looking at a Google Partner, their performance is consistent.


Hooked On Media are certified Google Partners.


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