What is quality content?

With Google Panda updates getting strict with guest posting a number of websites have been forced to up their game when it comes to content or risk being penalised.

Many people are failing to understand what is classed as high quality content to me it means writing something different from everything else out there. It should be unique and not just rewriting someone else’s posts which
is often what a lot of writers are currently doing. If your content gets shared through social networking sites, quoted and linked to from other websites then you have quality content.

This video tells you how Google Measure ‘High Quality Content’.

Google’s head of search spam Matt Cutts said: “you shouldn’t just stitch bits from other websites to paste an article on your own website as you aren’t adding value and it is considered spam.”

He added that it is not a good technique that will lead to rankings in Google. Matt actually said that Yahoo “hated this technique” and considered that “spam.”

“Taking quotes from someone else is “not a lot of added value” and thus is not something Google will rank well.

“This is in comparison to synthesizing content from other sources, like Wikipedia does. Wikipedia will summarize the content and source the sites they get their information from, but the content itself is often uniquely written and summarized with sources.

“But just quoting a bunch of third party sites and not adding a lot of unique content to it, that will not lead to good rankings.”

An article from Rand Fishkin, CEO of software company SEO Moz on ‘How unique does content need to be to perform well in search engines’ he said: “I know a lot of people get confused about in the SEO world is this doesn’t mean that you can’t take a paragraph from Wikipedia and put it in a bigger article that you’re writing, or cite a blogger and include a couple of phrases that they say, or take a piece from New York Magazine or from the Wall Street Journal, from Wired, or wherever you want and take, “Oh hey, I’m going to caption this, and I’m going to have a little clip of it. I’m going to put a video that exists on YouTube already.” That’s not duplicative so long as you are adding unique value.”

He also adds that content marketing should be the driving tool towards your campaign. This highlights the importance on why we should be posting high quality content on a regular basis.

If you search for beaches in Australia, people are probably looking for a listing of beaches as well as being interested in hotels and travelling there, or they could want to know what the weather will be like. So providing unique value isn’t about, “Copying and pasting content from a travel website and then rewriting the paragraph,” that’s a bad idea because that is not quality content. But if you were to do something like what facilities are available on a particular beach such as Palm beach where ‘Home and Away’ is filmed, send a reporter with a camera, and a journalist, to the location, they can take their own photos, which is classed as unique because no one out there has the exact same photo and they will write about the weather, facilities and provide values because they have seen the location themselves.

Content is King and if you want to be ranking well in the search engine it is important that you have good quality content that your audience can engage in.

With so much content out there that is similar to stand out from the crowd your posts need to be different and you have to think outside the box and be creative which can sometimes be difficult. There are tools which are able to help you with looking for a topic I sometimes use Keyword planner and Quora to help me when looking for a title or subject to write about for a client this helps me to come up with a different spin on an article not just rewrite what’s already out there.

Example of quality content

It’s important to add statistics and quotes when putting your point across this will make the audience trust you more if you can back up what you are saying with proof. Also try to include a video or image as a picture can draw an audience to read the post because it’s eye catching.

Here is an example of quality content which shows a small business that grew within 3 years due to content marketing through blog posts, infographics and video.


Mint.com was the first company to create infographics to attract customers on a mass scale – that resulted in 2 million customers within 3 years.

Aaron Patzer launched Mint.com in 2006 as a better way to manage your personal finances online. He was competing against established banks with huge pockets.

Aaron grew Mint.com to 100,000 accounts in 2007, 600,000 in 2008 and almost 2 million in 2009, becoming the largest player in the personal financial aggregation market.

Three years after he launched, Mint.com sold to Intuit for $170 million.

Today they have over 10 million customers, track more than $80 billion in credit and debit transactions and nearly $1 trillion in loans and asset.

How often should you post?

By posting regularly you are building an online reputation so the more content you or your company produce the more search queries your content can rank for.

Some companies post lots of 1000 word articles on a daily basis however you can post a 300 word article and as long as it’s unique and informative it doesn’t matter.

A recent post on ‘SEO best practice tips for WordPress’ published on Econsultancy by Christopher Ratcliff Suggests that you should post at least 5 days a week he also says: “Producing content, regularly and as often as you can is also a must for appearing in the SERPs. When it comes to my own blog, I have a policy of publishing at least one article a day during the week. I take the weekend off.

“Blogging is a time-consuming art but does benefit from taking a day or two off to refresh the creative juices. Plus there are cats to feed and social circles to remind that you still exist.

“Write as regularly as you can, and you’ll soon see that within a few months you’ll start to appear in SERPs and therefore pick up some organic traffic. If you don’t update regularly, search engines will view your site as irrelevant over time and rank you lower.”

Depending on what your business is and what resources you have sometimes it isn’t always possible to post daily. I like to post once a week however, monthly updates are fine.