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Personalised Results For Google Users

People who make use of the full range of Google utilities will be able to enjoy a personalised search experience over the coming weeks and months. They can expect to see information gleaned from Gmail, Google Calendar and Google + after asking questions regarding flight schedules or upcoming business meetings. The new search feature works in a very similar way to Google Now and it will be initially available to users in America.

Google have claimed that people who make use of the personalised search feature will find it easier to remain organised on a daily basis. They’ll be able to rapidly check upon the delivery of important parcels and transport times. It will even be possible to gain quick access to pictures of truly memorable events. However, users will also have the option of switching the personalised Google feature off, should they so desire.

Bing Shopping To Be Replaced By Product Search

Retailers who’ve used Microsoft Bing as a marketing platform will be interested to hear that a brand new product search feature is set to be integrated. This will mean that product listings are shown together with the main search results and not in a separate shopping destination. Individuals who search for products will be able to view a host of relevant items in a carousel at the top of the page. They’ll have the option of viewing high quality images and customer reviews on the main Bing search page.

Microsoft have also chosen to give advertisers the option of including rich captions, which are very similar to the traditional meta descriptions. The brief snippets will include details of the price and availability of selected products. This will give online sellers the opportunity to generate increased interest among the online community.

Debate About The Popularity Of Google And Yahoo

SEO experts and digital marketeers were among those the many people shocked to learn of Comscore’s recent revelations about the respective popularity of Yahoo and Google web properties. The third-party analytics company claimed that Yahoo was visited by 196.6 million web users during the course of a month. The figure was 192.2 million for Google. However, it is worth pointing out that the Comscore report was based upon unique visitors instead of unique views. And the American researchers hadn’t taken mobile traffic into account.

Any gains made by Yahoo must be partly attributed to the leadership of Merrissa Mayer. The American businesswoman took over in 2011. She has played a key role in the acquisition of Tumblr and the retention of key employees in the technological sphere. However, she also understands that it will be a long time before Yahoo can stake a claim as the leading search engine. The scale of the task has been emphasised by Similarweb. They revealed that Yahoo received 6.2 billion worldwide visits last month. The relative figure for Google was 41.2 billion.