Instagram is officially the fastest-growing social media platform this year, particularly amongst businesses; according to Social Media Examiner, 71% of marketeers said they wanted to learn more about Instagram. Want to stay ahead of your competition? Get Instagram-wise and start using the latest features the platform has to offer. 

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IGTV is a stand-alone app that can be used independently of Instagram as well as as part of it. It allows content creators to upload videos of up to an hour long and share them on the platform – so it’s a bit like Instagram meets YouTube.

When they open the app, a video will start to play and this will be content that Instagram believes they would be interested in – this will be generated by a mix of interest targeting and content from pages they look up regularly.


Sliding Emoji Scale

Instagram’s new sliding emoji scale allows you to ask customers to rate your products, business or indeed anything! It can also be used as a poll. Conduct market research, drive your engagement, build social proof whilst also asking your followers questions whilst making the most of the interactive Story experience. You can also see users’ answers in real time, giving you the information you need.


‘@mention’ sharing for Stories

Stories have always been effective, allowing users to reach a large audience and the new @mention stickers may help to drive brand awareness and traffic to your Instagram page. The update will allow users to share another user’s Story, if they’ve used a mention sticker in their own. If a user mentions you in a public Story, you’ll be send a blue notification that says ‘add this to your story’. You will be send a copy of that Story that will show up like a sticker type of image, which you can then edit yourself, resizing/add text etc – adding text is a good shout, allowing you to give context around where the story came from, tagging the customer in the process.


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