Wondering whether your social media marketing efforts are paying off? Or how to report your efforts? Here are some example of metrics that are worth tracking and including in your next marketing report.

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Content metrics

Keeping an eye on content metrics will allow you to make an analysis of the content you’re sharing across your social media channels and to spot patterns and trends. You can see if you are diverse enough with the type of content you post – this should be a melange of testimonials, reviews, guest posts, blog posts, infographics (made by you and those belonging to industry experts) and images.

Timing metrics

Timing metrics are important in helping you identify when your users engage with your channels the most and whether your post times are meeting these times. Tracking timing metrics will help you pinpoint the gaps you need to fill and whether you might need to change the times at which you are posting.

Important things to consider:

  • Most common posting time.
  • Most common posting day.
  • Most engaged audience time.
  • Most engaged audience day.
  • When best to post ‘national x day’ types of content – which go best with what you’re selling.
  • Best performing season/quarter.

Audience metrics

Audience metrics are another fairly obvious essential metric to track if you’re trying to sell more products or make more people aware of your brand. If you’re a hair colouring brand, you are less likely to be needing to engage with men than say, a brand like Gilette would. Keeping track of the following elements will help you keep on top of things:

  • % of male/female followers.
  • New accounts you follow.
  • New people following you.
  • Primary location.
  • Google Analytics Alignment.

Listening metrics

Listening metrics are not measured in the same way and you will have to take time out to manually read through exactly what other people are saying about your brand, ascertaining the sentiment of these comments and opinions. This will help you establish how to respond with the voice of your brand, to customer issues and questions. You can keep up with conversation manually by following your brand hashtags and @mentions.


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